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Ebony and Ivory
Location: Have it at start of the game.
Description: A twin set of .45's that Dante has with him. Dante is able to do cool moves with these guns, including juggling your opponent in mid-air! It is also a rapid fire weapon, although it is still relatively weak.

Force Edge
Location: In inventory at start of the game.
Description: One of your main weapons at the beginning of the game. It is a plain, but ornate sword, and can quickly strike any opponent within it's reach. Isn't that powerful, but can help you survive long enough to get more powerful weapons.
  Alastor Sword
Location: Mission 2, Protruding out of the woman statue.
Description: A sword that wields lighting!. It's bigger than the force edge and more powerful. It gives Dante speed and better aerial he needed them anyways, With this weapon, you are finally able to use your Devil trigger Abilities. Once you have this, go and shop for new attacks.
  Sparda Sword
Location: Mission 18, Cut scene.
This is the upgrade of the force edge, it's final form. This weapon was yielded by Dante's father, the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda, and therefore, all other swords suck. It's got a weird shape to it, with a thick blade that encompasses the entire length of the sword. It also works well as a long range weapon, as the weapon has the ability to hurt enemies from farther away.
Location: Mission 9, Once you get to the room with the floating platforms, at the top.
Description: This is one of the cooler weapons in the game. Your hands are burning with the power of flame when you wear them. They are more of a hand to hand weapon, but allows you to do more "martial arts" type attacks on your enemies...did I say with the power of flame!
Location: Mission 2, Library 2F on the desk in the corner.
Description: Blow up stuff with the bad-ass shotgun. The cool thing about this shot gun is that Dante uses it single handedly. Has the most damage when up close to an enemy.
Grenade Launcher
Location: Mission 8, 3f Across the bridge near the skeleton
Description: This gun packs power! It fires exploding shells of shrapnel and should be used only on the tougher enemies. It is virtually useless on quick enemies. But when used on big fat demon scum, it's incredibly powerful.
  Needle Gun
Location: Mission 12, On the Ghost ships first lower deck near the stairs.
Description: this is the weapon you will need the most during the majority of Mission 12, it is also a very useful underwater is useful because it is the only underwater weapon. It can only be used underwater. It is a semi-automatic weapon and it will have to do when exploring underwater scenarios.
  Nightmare B
Location: Mission 21
Description: this weapon looks really weird. It is a product of "underworld technology". It looks more like an insect carcass than an actual weapon. It has the effect of shooting a beam of energy at all opponents in the room, but has the side effect of draining the DT gauge. Use sparingly. provided the content on this page.

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