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Devil News

Devil May Cry 3 Review

Dusty | 2/21/2005 2:39:57 PM

Game Informer and PSM Magazine have both reviewed Devil May Cry 3 and both magazines gave the game 9 out of 10. Looks like Capcom got things back on the right track. Many of you were disappointed with the big changes in gameplay DMC2 offered, so this is good news for all DMC fans!

Pre-order Devil May Cry 3 at

Dusty | 2/18/2005 4:34:33 PM

Make sure you get DMC3 first by pre-ordering it at Amazon.

DMC3 UK site online

Dusty | 2/18/2005 4:25:01 PM

The official UK website went online a litle while ago. There is some new material there so check it out.

The official DMC3 site now online in english

Dusty | 1/31/2005 7:58:58 AM

For those of you who haven't seen it yet, here is the link to the official DMC3 site in english. Enter the official DMC3 site

Devil May Cry 3 Remix Video

Dusty | 1/25/2005 11:23:53 AM

One of our readers have made a remix of some of the DMC3 vidoes and trailers. It's pretty cool so check it out! - Video Part 1 - Video Part 2 - Video Part 3

Welcome to the Devil May Cry fansite

Welcome to Devil May Cry 2 .com. At this website you can find lots of info on the Playstation 2 video game Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 2. Walkthrough, walkthru, cheats, cheat codes, gameshark code, strategy guide, review, preview, news, download, movie, wall paper, trailer, screen shot, fan art and more. We will also have up-to-date news about Devil May Cry 3.

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