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F- Forward
B- Back
U- Up
D- Down
O- Circle
X- X button
T- Triangle
S- Square

About Attacks
You can actually upgrade your attacks for each mission. This works to your advantage because the more you kill, the more powerful your attacks can become. Before each mission you have the ability to power up, if you have enough experience, you can raise the levels of your current powers and aquire more powers as well.

Bullet Juggle
With "ebony and Ivory", dante can juggle an enemy in mid-air and keep him their as long as he fires bullets at them. One of the cooler attacks in the game.

You will not be able to use any skills early on in the game, but once you get the Alastor sword in mission 2, many of the hand weapons you receive after will have Devil Trigger Abilities. Here is a list of the attacks you can get.

Force Edge Attack Moves

The force Edge are just basic moves, but they merit some acknowledgment. here is the list of moves.

Kick Jump
Move: T, then T at Height of jump
Description: Allows Dante to reach higher places.

Move: Hold R1, Control with Analog(s), T
Description: A roll...duh

Move: Tap O at timed intervals
Description: Dante will slash at the opponent, you can also make combos
of this move if you time consecutive taps perfectly.

High Time
Move: R1, Back, Hold O, Release, O
Will slash the enemies with a jump, then slash again when he comes down.

Alastor Attack Moves

Move: Hold R1, F, O
Cost: Level 1- 350 Level 2- 1400
Description: Dante will lunge with the Alastor sword, this is one of the first DT moves you can acquire in the game. It will stab your enemy with it's electric current.

Stinger Jump
Move: Near ledge, Hold R1, F, O
Cost: A part of the Stinger Purchase
Description: Gives you a super jump.

Round Trip
Move: Hold O, release to activate
Cost: 1550
Description: Dante uses the Alastor like a boomerang. Damn, that's cool.

Air Hike Move: Tap T at the peak of a jump.
Cost: 4000
Description: Gives Dante the power to do a kick jump without having to step all over an enemy first. Gives Dante super jump capabilities for escaping a hoard of enemies.

Devil Mode
Move: Press L1, T, then R1 at height of jump.
Cost: Free with purchase of Air Raid or Vortex.
Description: Allows you do the Devil Mode moves, such as Air raid and Vortex. You also become a kick ass demon monster for a while.

Air Raid (devil mode move)
Move: Press X/S during devil mode
Cost: 750
Description: Demon Dante flies above and shoots lighting bolts at your enemies from above. You can also move while doing this to avoid enemy fire.

Vortex (devil mode move)
Move: Press O during Devil Mode
Cost: Level 1- 1150 Level 2- 2400
Description: Dante goes down for a hell dive, into some tornado type deal. So you're a living bomb. You can control where you land somewhat. Worth it when you reach Level 2.

Ifrit Attack Moves

Rolling Blaze
Move: Left Analog + T
Cost: 3450
Description: Dante will jump into the air, while doing so, he will burst into flames, hitting any enemy close enough to Dante. More of a defense weapon.

Magma Drive
Move: R1, Back, O
Cost: 500
Description: A cool uppercut type move, that allows you to sock enemies into the air. once their, it's juggle time!

Kick 13
Move: R1, Forward, O
Cost: Level 1-700 Level 2-2100
Description: A flaming roundhouse kick...literally. Use it to knock demons to the ground. It also looks amazing. Use when surrounded by demons.

Meteor (devil mode move)
Move: Hold R1, Back, O
Cost Level 1-900 Level 2-2700
Description: Allows you to shoot fire ball blasts at your opponent. You can change the power of the blast by charging up with O, once it's charged, release O. You can also fire a barrage of fire balls by tapping O.

Inferno (devil mode move)
Move: T, Left Analog, O
Cost: 4850
Description: The move that will get your ass out of a lot of trouble :-) Dante will punch the ground and it will burst into flames, damaging any enemy that would be stupid enough to mess with Dante. This attack is better used sparingly. provided the content on this page.

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